Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Video: Cyril And Janarah Booty Bouncing Showdown

Herewith is a video of a dance-off featuring Top 10 Vixens Janarah Fox and Cyril Locsin, performing at one Summer Car Show event.

Thanks "Anonymous"

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Jackie And The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

At first glance you'll find the black triangle shape between Jackie's legs as something Bushier than it actually is.

You see? Now ogle at it for a few more seconds ...

Makes for a good reason to wank. ... Or any sexy photo in this weather would be reason enough. Ogle at it a few seconds more.

Thanks "Ronnie"!

The rest of the photos, off Jackie's FHM BTS shoot, NEXT:

Ameri Ichinose Bedroom Showtime

Off an Ane-One Style presentation we have AV darling Ameri Ichinose warming the bed with her nakedness.

Thanks "Ronnie"!

The set, NEXT:

Jahziel Manabat Holds Her Melons

Continue wanking, gentlemen.

And if you have better pics than this, just send 'em!

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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Is The Season Of Fun In The Sand--And Beach Cameltoes

FAD ninja "Stellar" was browsing the facebookses when he stumbled on these pics of some girl with a really sharp cameltoe, taken presumably in some beach in Batangas. And perhaps we can expect more of this kind of hot summer shit, now that the cameltoe season is here. So when you hit the beachez, be ready for the sights.

Girl-on-girl boner material, after the cut.